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livestock hauling

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When purchasing livestock or other animals it is important to have a reliable transportation service. We were presented with the opportunity to purchase the Blarney Heights Farm Transportation business and we look forward to making it our own. We specialize in transporting small livestock such as goats, sheep, miniature calves, miniature donkeys, puppies, etc...Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for future scheduled routes. If you have any questions please email us at 

We are commercially licensed, fully insured with livestock and cargo insurance, and we are fully compliant with all Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations (DOT #3704094; MC #1313358). 


From our first-class, custom built trailer, to our certifications and licenses exceeding industry standards, you can rely on Tarr Valley Farm Transportation to meet your livestock transportation needs.

As fellow breeders and purchasers of livestock, we understand the importance of the care and safety of livestock during transit. The accommodations that we can provide the livestock during transit is above and beyond. The Trailer has two onboard water tanks and each pen has its own watering system to allow easy and quick watering multiple times a day. The livestock area has multiple vents to allow plenty of air movement and has an air conditioner to help keep the humidity down during the really hot humid days. We use Pine River shavings to bed down the trailer, these are top of the line shavings, which reduce respiratory issues and provide maximum comfort for your animals. Buyers and sellers can rest assured that their livestock will be properly cared for during their trip with us.

Contact us  through email or facebook messenger for booking on our next route.

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