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Tarr Valey Farm Transportation
Tarr avlley Farm Transportation
Tarr Valley Farm Transportation

Customized Luxury For Your Livestock

Our trailer is a completely custom design, engineered specifically for safety, comfort, and the overall health of your prized livestock during their journey to their new homes. 


The stock area of the trailer is divided into separate pens, which are fully-convertible in size, assuring that your livestock is given the necessary space to enjoy a comfortable experience. For larger livestock, or larger groups, the pen doors swing fully open and are secured to the exterior walls providing a spacious area for their comfort. The interior of the trailer is 8 feet wide and the interior height is nearly 8 feet tall. Our trailer has ample natural light in the stock area, assuring your livestock are less-stressed during their journey.  


Our trailer is equipped with two onboard water tanks that allow us to have water readily available to water the animals several times a day, increasing their overall health and hydration during transport and decreasing their stress levels. 


Unlike some pen systems found in other trailers, we have welded custom cut aluminum walls to further prevent other livestock from nipping, biting, licking, sneezing or coughing on your livestock. Although ground transportation is never completely "bio-secure," we have gone to great lengths to mitigate unwanted contact from other livestock during transport. Before each trip, the trailer is fully sanitized and scrubbed to ensure a clean, healthy environment. After each animal is delivered, their stall is emptied, scrubbed with a bleach solution, dried and provided fresh bedding for the next animal to enjoy. 


We have completely insulated the roof of the trailer. During the summer months, this insulation is the first line of defense against heat transfer into the stock area of the trailer, keeping your livestock cooler and decreasing their stress levels. During the winter months, as the warm ambient air in the trailer rises, the insulation retains the warmth in the trailer. This allows your livestock to better regulate their temperature during winter weather. Along with the slat windows along the sides of the stock area, the roof has 10  vents, allowing fresh air to circulate during transport, mitigating some common respiratory issues associated with prolonged transport of livestock. Along with this, an overhead air conditioning and heating element was added, to further cut the heat in the summer, and the cold in the winter, increasing your livestocks' comfort during their journey. 


We have a small living quarters built into our trailer, so you can rest assured that your livestock will never be left unattended during their journey to their new homes.  


Each animal that comes onto our trailer is treated with the utmost respect, as if it was one of our own. We go to great lengths to provide the highest quality of care for your animals while they travel with us. You can rest assured knowing that your livestock are in the best of hands with Tarr Valley Farm Transportation. 

Pine River Shavings

We only use top quality shavings in the trailer. We shrive to ensure that your animals are as comfortable as possible while traveling with us. Pine River Shavings help reduce respiratory issues and dust inside the trailer, while maximizing comfort for the animals in their stalls.

Tarr Valley Farm Transportation
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