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TVF Foundation Jennets

saw halo

mini wooly donkey

DOB: 5/16/2019

Height: 33"

Sire: SAW Midnight Snicker Snack, 30 1/5", brown 

Dam: Pinto's Tickie Too of Oakridge, 33", FSW

Halo is a very well mannered, tri color spotted, semi-wooly jenny that stands at 33" tall. She is a great addition to the TVF program!

trl's end eby

mini wooly donkey

DOB: 7/10/2020

Height: 30.5

Sire: Trl's End Tidal Wave, 32", black *NLP

Dam: Donkette Korral Logic To, 31 1/4", black w/cross *NLP

Eby is definitely one of the farm favorites! This dark brown wooly has great conformation, excellent bite, and stands at 30.5" tall at maturity. Her loveable personality and constant attention seeking attitude always catches everybody's eyes.

Bainbridges Shaggy Maggie

mini wooly donkey

DOB: 6/28/2020

Height: 32.75

Sire: MGF Raggety Andy, 32 1/2", brwn/wht spotted

Dam: MGF Cantigas Chorus, 33" grey spotted 

Maggie is a beautiful spotted wooly that is probably one of the best built donkeys we have seen. She stands at 32.75". We are very excited to see what she will do to help move our program forward!

The Double R's Luna

mini wooly donkey

DOB: 5/9/2019

Height: 29.25"

Sire: SAW Macaroni, 29 1/8", dark brown

Dam: Venus T Pol Blk845, 31 1/2", white *FSW

Luna is our micro spotted wooly standing at 29.25" tall. We are thrilled to have her in our foundation female lineup!

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