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tvf whiteman

mini highland bull

Introducing our new and upcoming herd sire Whiteman! To say we are excited about him would be an understatement. Whiteman is a chondro positive micro mini highland bull that puts it all together. He is short, stocky, and has been super hairy since day 1. He was born May 15, 2021 and is currently standing at 35'' tall. The most exciting thing about Whiteman is, he was born and raised right here at Tarr Valley Farm!

Conventional Whiteman semen is available! 

Contact Ben for more information.


mini highland bull

We have had Harley for the past several years and he has sired all our calves for the past five years. We owe most of our success to the impact he has made here. He is well built, has a great disposition, and he is chondro positive. 


Conventional Harley semen is available! Contact Ben for more information. 

Jet Li

jet li

Jet Li

When we were trying to find the piece of the puzzle that we didn't have, we stumbled upon Jet. This 42" tall Highland/Panda bull puts it all together for us. His calves have been tiny and fluffy with great color.

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